2014 National Age Group Championships – Synchronised Swimming

NAG 2014 for synchro was held in Cape Town from 11 – 14 December.

Gauteng was represented by two swimmers from SynchronacitySynchro Club in Joburg. Kellyn Davies and Amy Wilkes were accompanied by family members and coaches, Chrissie Whindus and Janine Patel. Chrissie was also the designated Team Manager. The team stayed in the van Riebeeck High School hostel, which was a very reasonable option for our accommodation, but was situated in town and a fair distance from the two swimming venues.

The event was very well organised and WP Synchro went to considerable trouble to ensure that the competition ran smoothly and that the teams were well hosted. Jennifer Gray, from the UK was the appointed Referee for the event and both the swimmers and officials benefited from her vast experience and expert knowledge of synchro.

The figures component of the event was held at Wynberg Girls High School on the morning of Friday 10 December. Having passed her Level 1 Judges exam, Chrissie was allocated a chair on the judges’ panel as a Test Judge. Janine is a Level “G” judge and spent a considerable amount of time judging both figures and the routines

The girls swam their duet on Saturday morning as a demo routine, as they are in different age groups and the purpose of the duet was for experience only. Having spent many hours doing land drill and making good use of our allocated practice slots, the girls exceeded all expectations and did not make a single error throughout the routine.

Once again, the girls performed very well in their solos and the judges were impressed at how well Amy managed her first attempt at a synchrocompetiton. Kellyn had a very respectable return to the competitive arena and was rewarded with some creditable scores for her solo routine. Unfortunately both girls were penalized by their figures scores so that the overall positions saw them placed them at the bottom of their age groups respectively.

Synchronacity Synchro Club were the proud representatives of Gauteng at the 2014 NAG Championships for Synchronised Swimming. It was clear by the warm and enthusiastic welcome that we received that our entry, however small, was an important step for the health and growth of synchro in South Africa.

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