Gauteng Open water Champs Update & Clarification

Hi all

We have fielded many questions due to the uncertainty surrounding the Gauteng Open Water Champs arrangements over the past few weeks. The situation has been complicated and more involved than any of us would have liked. We are not completely comfortable with the alignment of interests in setting up this event and will work with SSA and other Gauteng swimming districts to either improve or change the format next year by focusing completely on the interests of the swimmers.

At this stage, SSA has approved the event pending final clarification of a few items which they expect to be resolved. SSA have worked extremely hard with the event organizers to make sure the water, safety arrangements and course layout meet their requirements.

Due to the late nature of the approvals from SSA, we have previously communicated that CGA will not require attendance or a swim at the event for selection for the CGA team at the Jeffrey’s Bay nationals event. This remains the CGA position. To be absolutely clear, a swimmer needs only one qualifying time per event they’d like to swim at nationals in an SSA accredited event to swim that event at nationals. This weekend’s event will be accredited by SSA & can be used by swimmers who are still looking to make a qualifying time.

The consensus at last night’s CGA swimming technical committee meeting was that it was not appropriate to confirm a championship event the week of the event. As a consequence, we will award CGA open water medals according to swimmers placing among CGA swimmers in the nationals placings. We will make these awards at a post nationals function similar to last year.

The organizers for the swims on the weekend have appealed for officials. Haupt Swimming has volunteered an official. Please would other clubs who have regular open water participants step forward and volunteer some of their parent body. If your club does not have fully qualified open water officials, there is plenty of support needed for administration around the course and venue.

In addition we understand from a contact at the LOC that late entries will be allowed – you will need to be there at least an hour-and-a-half beforehand.

CGA Open Water Swimming TC

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