CGA Long Course Champs: reminder to submit officials

Good morning everyone,

This is just a quick reminder to submit your officials for CGA’s Long Course Championships 2019  – to be held at Elis Park from Thursday to Sunday, 5th to 8th December 2019.

Please be aware that there are 4 sessions per day for each of the 4 days so it would be appreciated if you can send your officials no later than FRIDAY 29 NOVEMBER 2019,  12h00 so that all the lists can be prepared.

 Please use the following link to submit your Officials:

All communication regarding Officials is to be forwarded to Joao Da Costa on

We need also Clubs to nominate Officials to do Marshalling and Chief timekeeper(s) for each session. Please place them on your submissions under “Other” with marshall or chief timekeeper in brackets.   We also require Ribbons and Medals volunteers, please can each Club submit the names of their volunteers.

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you there!

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